Online student resources for grades K-7 can be accessed through Clever Portal.  Middle school students can get to their Clever Portal from their Chromebook. Younger students can access their Clever Portal on a web browser using the Clever link or by downloading the Clever app on a tablet. To login to the Clever Portal, student and use their Clever username and password or their Clever badge QR code.


Zaner Bloser - SuperKids: Grades K-2nd (ELA)

SuperKids is the curriculum our K-2nd graders are using for Reading and English.  Through the Clever Portal, students can access the SuperKids student online fun website/app. 

Into Literature: Grades 6th-7th (ELA)

Into Literature is the curriculum our middle school students are using for Literature.  Through the Clever Portal, students can access online curriculum and resources

McGraw Hill: Grades 3rd-5th (ELA) and Grades K-7th (Math)

McGraw Hill Reading Wonders is the curriculum our 3rd - 5th students use for Reading.  Reveal Math is the math curriculum used with K-7th. Resource available through McGraw Hill are RedBird Math, ALEKS Math, and Arrive Math Booster.

Access to online textbook units, resources, and games for reading

Access to online textbook units, resources, and games for math

Adaptive math resource. Provides an individualized path to math mastery for every student. Available for students in K-7th.

Online tutor and assessment math program. Available for students in 6th-7th.

Studies Weekly: Grades K-5th (Science, Social Studies, Well-Being)

Studies Weekly is the curriculum used for K-5th Social Living/Science and Social Studies. A Well-Being curriculum will also be used with the religion curriculum in grades K-7th. The online resource provides access a digital version of the printed curriculum as well as additional articles, study games, and online fun.

Discovery Education: Grades 6th-7th (Science and Social Studies)

Discovery Education is our science and social studies curriculum for grades 6th-7th. This is an online only curriculum. Student access techbook, videos, and resources through Discovery Education.

IXL: Grades 3rd-7th (Reading, Math, Science, and Social Studies)

Teachers will assign students IXL skills to practice the skill they are learning in the classroom as well as to prepare them for end of the year standardized testing.