Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff

Our faculty, in union with the clergy, strives to cooperate with the Church and parents so as to assist, guide, inspire, and instruct the students and help them to perfect themselves with the help of God in attaining their supreme goal --- "the kingdom of heaven." This philosophy is designed to produce, from the earliest grades, a well-rounded individual; spiritually, physically, intellectually, morally, and culturally. These individuals will be prepared to fulfill their duties to themselves, their families, the civil community, the church, and their God.

St. Peter Chanel School seeks to instill in its students the Christian attitudes and values to prepare them to assume their responsibilities in a meaningful way in our democratic society.

St. Peter Chanel School encourages its students to appreciate the dignity and worth of all people and endeavors to instill in them the personal and social values that characterize a true Christian.

St. Peter Chanel School acknowledges that education happens not only in the classroom, but also informally through the atmosphere of the school, which encourages parental involvement in all aspects of the education of the students.


Fr. Vincent Dufresne


Paula A. Poché, Principal

Office Staff

Sandi Waguespack - Secretary

Susan Weidert - Bookkeeper

Mac Roddy - Maintenance

Jessica Domangue - Technology

Early Childhood

Lauren Roussel - PK2

Denise Moran - PK2

Kathy Guidry - PK3

Lindsey Reulet - PK3

Sue Beier - PK4

Allie Scioneaux - PK4

Ashley Bourgeois - Aide

Arlene Oubre - Aide

Crystal Rodrigue - Aide

Ashley Tucker - Aide

Tiffany Roussel - Aide

Amber Kilburn - Kindergarten

Caroline Dufresne - Kindergarten

Deborah Rodrigue - Aide

Fran Robertson - Resource

Jessica Roper - Resource

1st grade

Amanda Rodrigue

Dana Bourgeois

2nd grade

Cathy Dufresne

Amanda Duhe

3rd grade

Tori Guidry

Bridget Roussel

4th grade

Maria Lambert

Karlie Poirrier

5th grade

Natalie Foret

Bridget Roussel

Tori Guidry

Middle School

Lindsay Schexnayder

Lauri Martin

Amy Lundy

Auxiliary Teachers

Jessica Domangue

Sandi Waguespack

Maci Williams