Admission Information

Admission Information

St. Peter Chanel School is open to all children regardless of race, color, national or ethnic background. 

In those cases in which physical limitations make it necessary to restrict the intake of students, priority shall be given in the following order: 

Non-Catholic students whose parents agree to allow their children to participate in the school's religious education program other than the actual reception of the sacraments. Non-Catholic students must agree to follow rules, regulations, and policies as outlined in this handbook.

Parents who seek a Catholic education for their child/children enter into a contractual agreement between the school and the parent and/or the rules of the school covering all areas of the student's development as stated in the school's philosophy. As part of the contractual agreement there are explicit (expressed) and implicit (implied) expectations placed on both parent and administration. These rules and regulations are included in the parent/student handbook and school communications.

All students who are seeking admission to S.P.C. must present a copy of their birth, baptismal, and First Eucharist certificates (when applicable), and health cards showing that all immunizations have been completed and are in compliance with state health regulations. Students are not allowed to attend school until all immunization records have been received by the school and are current

According to Act. 530 of the Louisiana Legislature (6-10-93), the age at which a child may enter school is as follows: