Tuition Information

Tuition Information

A student tuition-financing program is available to all parents whereby a bank selected by the School Board will finance up to 100% of the school year tuition and fees (not registration fees).  Bank personnel will schedule loan signings in May.

Each school tuition loan will be amortized over a ten (10) or eleven (11) month period with the first payment beginning July 1st.   If a parent wishes their loan to be amortized over an 11-month period, prior approval by the administration must be granted.  Should any parent elect to pay cash for the tuition even after the note has been signed, he or she may do so at no charge before May 8th.  After that date, a minimum of $25.00 prepayment charge will be assessed by the bank.  All tuition is due on or before May 8th.  Failure to meet this deadline will result in a late fee.

Any parent whose child registers after July 31st and who wishes to participate in this program may do so.  For parents who register after the deadline, the maturity date of April 1st will remain the same, but the  number of months for amortization will be decreased accordingly.

Tuition Assistance

Forms to request tuition assistance are available at the Pastoral Center.  A copy of your most recent income tax information and W-2 must accompany requests.  A special committee is set up to examine each request and determine the merits of each case.  Requests will be reviewed and decisions will be based upon established Policy of the S.P.C. School Board, available funds, and financial needs.  Families receiving financial assistance will be required to provide service hours that are above and beyond the parent participation hours.  All decisions will be confidential.

Each pastor will be provided a list of all registered students to assist him n awarding assistance.