PK3 Curriculum

Religion- (I Am Special 3-Year Old Program)

Students develop positive attitudes about themselves, their family and friends by discovering the many gifts, talents and abilities that God has provided. They learn more about God and their friendship with Jesus and practice Christian actions toward others, such as taking turns, listening, helping, waiting, caring, sharing, loving and thanking others.

Language Arts

Students are exposed to letter recognition, letter sounds, new vocabulary, and rhyming sounds through manipulatives, music, art, literature, puppets, cooking and many other activities. Students comprehend and recall information from stories and other printed materials. Students also become pre-readers as they are introduced to book orientation (top to bottom, left to right), reality versus fantasy, story characters, and parts of a story.

Science / Social Studies

Students explore the world using their five senses and are introduced to the scientific method through numerous science experiments. Students prepare, plant, and care for a garden in the fall and spring. Students identify healthy foods and taste fruits and vegetables from their garden. Students are introduced to holidays and related activities, and learn about community workers and their jobs.


Students experience mathematical concepts and skills daily. Students are introduced to basic counting skills, numeral recognition, ordinal positions, patterning, one-to one correspondence, and sorting by size, color and shape through various games and activities.


Students explore a variety of mediums and tools to extend their imagination, reinforce lessons from the curriculum and have fun.


  • Mass

  • PE

  • Library

  • Christmas Pageant

Special Events

  • Dress Down Days

  • Catholic Schools Week

  • Grandparents Day

  • Birthdays

  • Red Ribbon Week

  • Spirit Day/Pep Rallies

  • Pumpkin Patch

  • Living Rosary