7th Grade Curriculum

Religion- (Sadlier, We Live our Faith as Disciples of Jesus)

God Creates Us; Scripture and Tradition reveal the truth; God is Father, Son, and Holy Spirit; God loves all he has created; We meet God in his Son, Jesus Christ; The holy Spirit is always present in the Father and Son; God reaches out to help humankind; Jesus Christ is the promised Messiah; Jesus prepares or his work as God’s Son; Jesus offers freedom and life; Jesus prepares his disciples for all that is to come; Jesus Christ is risen from the dead; Saints; Feast Days; Advent; Christmas; Liturgical year; Ordinary Time; Sacraments; Mass and Adoration; Holy Days; Lent; Easter

Reading-(Pearson Prentice Hall, Prentice Hall Literature)

Using Context Clues; Determining Author’s Purpose; Making Predictions; Making Inferences; Determining Main Idea; Recognizing Fact and Opinion; Drawing Conclusions; Paraphrasing; Setting a Purpose for Reading; Summarizing; Analyzing Cause and Effect; Comparing and Contrasting

English-(Shurley Instructional Materials, Shurley English)

Study skills; capitalization and punctuation; synonyms and antonyms; vocabulary and analogy words; nouns and verbs; classify introductory sentences; adverbs; adjectives; article adjectives; the four kind of sentences; finding a topic; supporting/non-supporting ideas; expository writing; writing process; transition words; writing forms; pronouns; conjunctions and compound words; homonyms; expository essay writing; coordinate conjunctions; compound sentences; persuasive paragraphs; direct object; helping verbs; object pronouns; descriptive writing; Indirect objects; narrative writing; compare/contrast writing; business letters;

Math-(McGraw Hill, Glencoe Math)

Ratios and Proportional Reasoning; Percents; Integers; Rational Numbers; Expressions; Equations and Inequalities; Geometric Figures; Measure Figures; Probability; Statistics;

Social Studies-(Pearson, American History)/ Louisiana History taught every other year

The Early Americas and European Exploration (Prehistory-1550); European Civilization and North America (1500-1750); The Revolutionary Era (1750-1783); A Constitution for the United States (1776-Present); The Early Republic (1789-1825); The Age of Jackson and Westward Expansion (1824-1860); Society and Culture Before the Civil War (1820-1860); Sectionalism and Civil War (1820-1865); The Reconstruction Era (1865-1877); Industrial and Economic Growth (1865-1914); The Progressive Era (1865-1920); Imperialism and World War I (1853-1919); Prosperity and Depression (1919-1939); World War II (1935-1945); Postwar America (1945-1975); A Global Superpower Facing Change (1976-2000); Meeting New Challenges (1975-present)

Science(Discover Education, Life Science)

Classification of Organisms; Living Things; Ecology; Relationships Among Organisms; Cells; Human Body System; Reproduction and Heredity;


  • Art

  • PE

  • Library

  • Computer Lab

Special Events

  • Mass

  • Dress Down Days

  • Catholic Schools Week

  • Pep Rallies

  • Walking Rosary

  • Bike a Thon

  • Grandparents Day

  • Stations of the Cross

  • Red Ribbon Week

  • Field Trip

  • Class Retreat

  • Bell Choir