4th Grade Curriculum

Religion- (We Believe, Sadlier)

Growing in Jesus; The Commandments Help Us to Love God; The Commandments Help Us to Love Others; We are Called to Holiness; The Liturgical Year; Ordinary Time; Advent; Christmas; Lent; Triduum; Easter

Reading-(Reading Street, Scott Foresman)

Themes: How can a challenge bring out our best; What can animals teach us; How can you show your community spirit; How do different writers treat the same topic; What helps you understand the world around you; How can you build on what came before; initial and medial short vowels; phonics and word recognition; structural analysis/word analysis; fluency; comprehension strategies and skills; literary elements; writing about reading; text features; media literacy; writing traits; writers craft; writing applications;

English-(Shurley Instructional Materials, Shurley English)

Study skills; capitalization and punctuation; synonyms and antonyms; vocabulary and analogy words; nouns and verbs; classify introductory sentences; adverbs; adjectives; article adjectives; the four kind of sentences; finding a topic; supporting/nonsupporting ideas; expository writing; writing process; transition words; writing forms; pronouns; conjunctions and compound words; homonyms; expository essay writing; coordinate conjunctions; compound sentences; persuasive paragraphs; direct object; helping verbs; object pronouns; descriptive writing; Indirect objects; narrative writing; compare/contrast writing; business letters;

Math-(McGraw Hill, My Math)

Place Value; add and subtract whole numbers; understand multiplication and division; multiply with one-digit numbers; multiply with two-digit numbers; divide by a one digit number; patterns and sequences; fractions; operations with fractions; fractions and decimals; customary measurement; metric measurement; perimeter and area; geometry

Social Studies-(Scott Foresman, Regions)

Living in the United States; The Northeast; Southeast; Midwest; Southwest;

Science(McGraw-Hill, A Closer Look)

Measuring and Comparing; Energy; Electricity; Living Organisms; Ecosystems; Planet Earth and Its Moon; Structure and Form of Living Things; Food and Nutrition

Handwriting(The Concerned Group, A Reason for Handwriting)

Cursive writing


  • Art

  • PE

  • Library

  • Computer Lab

Special Events

  • Mass

  • Dress Down Days

  • Catholic Schools Week

  • Pep Rallies

  • Walking Rosary

  • Bike-a-Thon

  • Grandparents Day

  • Stations of the Cross

  • Red Ribbon Week

  • Field Trip

  • Class Retreat

  • Bell Choir