3rd Grade Curriculum

Religion (We Believe, Sadlier)

Jesus Gives Us the Church; We are Members of the Church; The Church Leads Us in Worship; We are called to Discipleship; The Church Year; Ordinary Time; Advent; Christmas; Lent; The Three Days; Easter

Reading-(McGraw-Hill, Wonders)

Reading Process: Phonics and Decoding/ Word Recognition; Structural Analysis/Word Analysis; Fluency; Comprehension Strategies and Skills; Literary Elements; Media Literacy; Writing Traits; Writers Craft; Writing Applications;

Language Arts-(Brite Ideas, Simple Solutions)

Grammar: Subject verb agreement; Present, past and future; Irregular verbs; Singular and plural pronouns; Subject and object pronouns; Possessive pronouns; Contractions; Prepositions; Adjectives and articles; Adjectives that compare; Adverbs; Adverbs that compare; Conjunctions; Capital letters; Abbreviations; Combining sentences; Commas; Quotations; Writing: Putting ideas in order; Answer the 5 W’s and How; Compare/contrast words; Vivid words; Style; Get your readers attention; Supporting details; Transitions to show order; Strong adjectives; Persuasive words; Use reasons to persuade; Put reasons in order; Paraphrasing; Including important details; Topic sentences; Elaborating; Strong conclusions

Math (McGraw Hill, My Math)

Place Value; Addition and Subtraction; Understanding Multiplication and Division; Multiplication and Division Patterns; Apply Multiplication and Division; Properties of Equations; Fractions; Measurement; Represent and Interpret Data; Perimeter and Area; and Geometry

Science-(Brite Ideas Simple Solutions)

Students use a consumable book in which they will learn about animals and plants and the basic needs for living along with the scientific method reading and interpreting simple graphs, tables and graphic organizers are embedded into multiple lessons. Students also learn the concepts of the life cycle; ecosystems; moon phases; food chain; properties of rocks, soil and states of water. Matter; force; gravity along with sound energy; simple machines, electricity and magnets finish out the units.

Social Studies-(Scott Foresman, Social Studies Louisiana)

Students learn about the geography of Louisiana and take a tour through the state as they encounter Robert LaSalle and the mighty Mississippi River. They learn about living in Louisiana and the use of our natural resources. History of the first people of Louisiana and the Civil War are taught. Students learn about making goods and providing services through the various jobs offered in Louisiana and how people earn, save and spend their hard earned money. The curriculum ends with the Louisiana Government and how citizens are called to action. Louisiana culture, celebrations and traditions are all concepts included in the Social Studies curriculum.

Handwriting-(The Concerned Group, A Reason for Handwriting)

Mastery of Manuscript and Cursive, Legibility: Shape, Size, Spacing and Slant


  • Art

  • PE

  • Library

  • Computer Lab

Special Events

  • Mass

  • Dress Down Days

  • Catholic Schools Week

  • Pep Rallies

  • Walking Rosary

  • Bike-a-Thon

  • Grandparents Day

  • Stations of the Cross

  • Red Ribbon Week

  • Field Trip

  • Class Retreat

  • Choir