St. Peter Chanel Building and Grounds Employee

Full-Time job employed by St. Peter Chanel School. Applicant must be a hard-working, self-motivated individual able to complete physical and manual labor. Jobs include Custodian, Gym and Groundskeeper

Work schedule:

1:30-8:30 Monday-Friday with additional hours on the weekend, when needed for gym rentals or school activities. Holidays following the school calendar. This position is a year-round meaning, may be working during holidays (if work performed has to be in the classroom) and during the summers.

Includes: Indoor areas including classrooms, restrooms, cafeteria, gymnasium, outdoor grounds including grass, playground, walkways and summer cleaning of both indoor and outdoor areas



Responsible for keeping buildings clean and in an orderly condition. They have to perform heavy cleaning duties, such as washing walls and windows, shampooing rugs, cleaning floors, performing routine maintenance activities. Custodians also have to notify management of repairs needed and supplies ordered

Duties and responsibilities can include general cleaning of all buildings and keeping it maintained and in good condition. This can include vacuuming, mopping, sanitizing restrooms, taking out trash, cleaning glass on doors, windows and mirrors and spray sanitizing all rooms nightly.

Summer work includes: cleaning of all classrooms, bathrooms, copy rooms, offices, stripping and waxing floors, when needed. Dusting fans and A/C vents.

Gym Keeper

Duties/ Responsibilities:

Set up/take down/clean-up for any gym activities including but not limited to school assemblies, activities, sports games, rented activities to include but not limited to bereavements, weddings, gym rental activities. Summer work includes: complete cleaning of gym, locker rooms, bathrooms, stripping and waxing floors, when needed.

Groundskeeper (may be added later to duties)

Duties/ Responsibilities:

Picks up and removes trash prior to mowing a designated area. Mows grass and weed; blows playground and door entrances of debris; Summer work includes: some pressure washing and trimming bushes