Our curriculum is approved by the State of Louisiana and the Catholic Diocese of Baton Rouge and exceeds the requirements of the State Board of Education. We challenge our students to achieve more than the minimum standards required for promotion. In addition to Reading, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies, and Math, our students have daily classes in Religion. The curriculum is enriched and enhanced through classes in computer, physical education, and library.

Pre-Kindergarten through eighth grade use materials appropriate for each grade level to address the learning styles of each child: auditory, visual, and tactile. Hands-on science, cooperative groups, writing across the curriculum, integrated units of study, math manipulatives, role playing, fine arts and music are components of S.P.C.'s program of study. The teachers use a variety of teaching methods and materials to meet the individual, small group, and large group needs of students. Religion is taught throughout the day and prayer is an intricate part of the curriculum. Religious activities are the core of the total school program.